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Duct Cleaning

Roto brush Duct Cleaning Process steps:

1 .Remove and Clean Grills and Registers
2 .Clean Supply Ducts
3 .Clean Return Ducts
4 .Clean Air Handler
5 .Fog the System (chemical disinfection).

1 .Remove and Clean Grilles and Registers:
The first step in the actual cleaning process is to remove the diffusers, grilles and registers for
supply and return.
after removal, use your shopvac attachments to vacuum off registers and branches inside zones. often when you remove the register cover, you'll find that just behind the cover, there is dust and debris.
The best way to clean this area is with the Roto brush with brush beast system shopvac attachment.

2 .Clean Supply Ducts:
Next start cleaning the supply side of the HVAC system. Go to the duct opening that is farthest from the air handler by using access doors if existing or opening some holes in the main duct to dividing the duct to equal parts or levels . Throughout the cleaning process you will be working your way from the farthest point of the HVAC system back to the air handler.

3 .Clean Return and Exhaust Ducts
Now it is time to clean the cold air return. Depending on the layout of the duct system, there may be one return duct, or several. The cleaning process will occurs by the same way for supply duct.

4 .Clean Air Handler
When cleaning the air handler, we recommend topical vacuuming of any accessible areas (return section, filter section, coil section and supply section).
These primary areas are around the blower motor and the surrounding inner walls of the air handler. Around the burners you may find some soot and dust that should be vacuumed.

5 .Fog the System (chemical disinfection).
Finally: Fog with Envirocon while the return air duct system fan is on. Ideally, you will fog through all the return openings (to treat the return duct) and the blower section of the furnace (to treat the supply duct). Energize the fan. Fog through the common return for 45 to 60 seconds. (Rule of thumb: For every 1000 square feet of room space, fog for 45 to 60 seconds.) Then fog through the blower, filter or plenum section of the unit. Don't forget to treat both the evaporator coil and the drain pan with Envirocon too.

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